Benzoyl Chloride

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  1. O-Methyl Benzoyl Chloride

    O-Methyl Benzoyl Chloride is used as an intermediate in the formulation of peroxides, dyes, resins, and perfumes. Visibly it is a colorless fuming liquid with irritating odor. This chemical has the molecular mass of 154.593 g/mol with the formula C8H7CIO. It also finds its application in chemistry for the organic synthesis of variety of other compounds. This chemical is an organochlorine compound which contains at least one covalently bonded chlorine atom.
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  2. P-Methyl Benzoyl Chloride

    P-Methyl Benzoyl Chloride is a moisture sensitive colorless to brown color liquid which finds its application in formulation of antigens and tolyl-amido-human serum albumin. It is prepared with the action of halogenating agents when they replace OH group in carboxylic acid with a halogen. This chemical is from the group of acyl halides that initiates the acetylation process of different compounds. Proper care is required while working with this agent as it can cause severe skin corrosion and eye irritation.
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  3. M-Methyl Benzoyl Chloride

    M-Methyl Benzoyl Chloride is a type of rodenticide and is also capable of killing other pests that can harm agricultural products. It is a clear liquid which is available in colorless to light brown appearance. This chemical can accept one hydrogen atom from a suitable donor. It is used to prevent the occurrence of mouse or rats in the store rooms as if consumed; it is very harmful with the Lethal Dose (LD) 50 for them.
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  4. Benzoyl Chloride

    Benzoyl Chloride is an organochlorine compound which is used in the preparation of perfumes, dyes, resins, and various pharmaceutical products. It is formulated from benzochloride either using water or benzoic acid. With the molecular formula C6H5COCI and mass of 140.57 g/mol, this chemical was first time produced by reacting benzaldehyde with chlorine. It is a fuming colorless liquid with pungent odor and is mainly required for the production of peroxides.
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